The gaming gear that every gamer should have

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If you are an avid gamer you want to have the best gaming gear that will give you an edge on your opponents. Next to that a nice gaming setup looks cool and fits together in terms of style and lighting. Especially gamers that are active with streams will want to have a gaming setup that looks good. In this article we will give you some tips on different parts of your gaming gear so you know what to look for when you start doing your research.

Gaming Desk

First, let’s have a look at your gaming desk. To start off with there is a difference between a gaming desk and a gaming table. The desk is the more classic type of desk that sometimes has cabinets included for your pc. A gaming table doesn’t have any cabinets and has a sleeker design. The gaming tables are often also a bit more focused on gaming and gamers and might include extra’s such as LED lighting, table wide mouse mat, cup holder and cable management. However some of the gaming desks will also provide such options so it could be worthwhile to compare it.

Gaming Chair

When you spend a lot of time gaming a gaming chair is an important part of your gaming setup. There are different chairs available for every type of gamer. If you are an enthusiastic PC gamer an office type gaming chair will fit your needs best. These type of chairs offer the right amount of support for your back in long gaming sessions. The often come in nice colours to fir the rest of your setup and some of them might even include LED lighting. If you are a console gamer you might want to check out the rocker type chairs that you can place in front of your TV. They offer a lot of support for your back and often include built-in audio for a nice gaming experience. Are you a race gamer? Then you should check out the racing gaming chairs that will make you feel like you are in an actual car going around the circuit. There are many options there, ranging from simple foldable racing chairs to Formula 1 chairs that are hard to distinguish from the real ones!

Gaming Keyboard

So you picked your desk and your gaming chair. Now let’s look at some of your gaming gear that turn into your weapons while gaming. A good gaming keyboard will have some extra features compared to normal keyboards that come in handy while gaming. Mechanical switches for example react a lot faster than membrane switches to your input so that you will be quicker with your actions in the game. Even between mechanical switches there are differences in terms of response time and force that is required to press the key. Make sure you invest some time in researching the type of switches you want to have on your keyboard. Additionally, the best keyboard for gaming will come with other specific gaming features such as anti-ghosting, customizable keys, gaming profiles, cable management, media keys, wrist support and additional usb ports.

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse might be the most important weapon of an avid gamer. When you are looking for a mouse for gaming, there are a few aspects you should consider. First of all it is important that you can adjust the DPI. The DPI determines how sensitive your mouse movements are recorded. When you can change this you can more easily maneuver through games or aim for making those killer headshots. Secondly your gaming mouse has to lie well in your hand, so make sure to check your size and also your grip (palm, fingertip or claw). These two combined are important in determining the size and type of gaming mouse you want to play with. Thirdly, think about the amount of extra buttons you require for the type of games you play. When you mainly play Shooter games, you don’t need many more buttons for special moves. When you are more of a MMO or MOBA player, you want to have some specials ready with the click of a thumb. Then up to 12 additional buttons can come in handy so you can throw out those special skills at any time!

Gaming Headset

So now we got you covered for a comfortable gaming position and gaming gear that will make you crush your opponent. What about in-game experience and communication? This is where a good gaming headset comes into play. With a special gaming headset you will be able to enjoy sounds much better and even be able to hear where your opponents are coming from. This will also give an edge on them and make sure you are ready in time. Next to that specific gaming headsets most of the time come with a microphone so that you can communicate with your team members while gaming. In this way you are sure you always follow the same strategy in-game and work together in the best way!

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