WoW Classic Naxxramas And Burning Crusade Dates Leaked

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Rumors have started to surface about possible start dates for Phase 6, the Naxxramasand the legendary Burning Crusade expansion in WoW Classic.

Classic takes players back to the good old days of World of Warcraft, relaunching all original content on separate servers from the main game, which is now referred to as Retail for players who primarily play the re-release.

However, just a few weeks after AQ’s release, rumors began to surface that we could see the expansion of Naxxramas and The Burning Crusade arrive much earlier than expected inWoW Classic.

Twitch streamer Nano twitted on September 8: “Haven’t confirmed it yet, but the hottest rumors for WoW Classic: Naxxramas release is planned for early December with a TBC Beta rolling out in March / April of 2021! Sooner than expected, but we’ll see!”.

So, according to the latest rumors about WoW Classic, the level 80 Naxxramasraid will launch sometime in early December 2020. And, on top of that, the beta of the classic version of the fan-favorite Burning Crusade expansion is said to arrive sometime in the spring (March / April) of 2021.

It’s important to note that there is no official confirmation from Blizzard on these rumors about the release dates of Naxxramas and Burning Crusade. Please do not take these rumors as confirmation, as they may not be 100% accurate.

Not everyone in the WoW community is convinced that these rumors are legitimate, with many ones pointing to the fact that a Christmas launch window for Naxx would only leave a short 3-4 month window for most servers.

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