NBA 2K21 Gets Seasons For The First Time Ever

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2K Sports revealed on their gameplay blog the addition of Seasons in the new installment of NBA 2K. The best of all is that participation in these Seasons will be completely free for everyone.

Each Season will run on six-week timelines. With this addition, 2K Sports guarantee a new reward scheme that will reward players who spend their time playing MyTEAM all year. This is similar to the Seasons structure of the FIFA franchise. Therefore, there will be enough numbers of Season through all year, in which the players can complete tasks to complete each season’s goal in order to earn XP, which is different from the in-game currency MyTeam coins or VC.

With this XP you will be able to gain better rewards. One of the goals for the addition of Seasons is to add a better structure to the pricing mechanisms because each new season will bring new prizing updates. The equation is very simple: the more XP you earn in each season, the better your rewards each season.

The addition of Seasons will make NBA 2K21 a game with more of a “live service” feel, but this is not bad if they know how to do it properly. And it feels that 2K Sports is moving in the right direction because this new experience is 100% free. We hope the development team keeps listening and understanding what the community of players wants.

All this addition could seem meaningless, but in reality, this is a huge change to MyTEAM. This is a clear move of the development team in 2K Sports to make NBA 2K21 a game with a lot of variety and flux.

The NBA 2K21 demo for current-gen consoles are now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The full game will be out on September 4th. And remember that you can always buy NBA 2K21 MT coins on MTStacks store!
August 27, 2020 |

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