Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues and Ideas – How to do a Fun Easter Treasure Hunt!

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Are you stuck for Easter scavenger hunt ideas?

When Easter gets near, kids around the world start to get excited. For most young ones, it is the dreamy idea that they are going to be swimming in chocolate eggs for about a week after this popular holiday. However, many parents want to make it something more, especially as many of the kids will be sitting around consuming a LOT of calories during the Easter holiday. For this reason, they want some active Easter games.


This Easter, why not consider running some activities to liven up the holiday. It can make a refreshing change for both the younger members and the more mature folk around (those with a few more years under the belt, but a craving to do something fun still burning strong). These Easter activities can range from challenges similar to that of the famous TV show ‘Minute to Win it’, crazy scavenger hunts with insane dares, or even educational web fact hunts that are perfect for teaching the real tradition of Easter. There are many ways to run an event, from simple mad dashes for chocolate, to using Easter scavenger hunt riddle clues that challenge teams to think logically, or even setup some photo scavenger hunts where participants must complete tricky photo challenges and present the results to the judges. Whichever you choose, everyone will have a fun day and appreciate that you took the time to organize it.


So, this year consider doing something more than just giving Easter eggs and chocolate. Instead, organize an event that everyone will remember. Easter isn’t just about chocolate eggs, it’s about history and about people coming together. Scavenger hunts can make the day far more exciting and actually get everyone talking and moving, instead of just sitting in front of a TV.


Not only is it fun, but it can it can also be very easy to organize, as you can simply download professional ready-made riddle Easter egg treasure hunt clues (you can click the blue link for more info, then click the graphic image of the hunt you want). This site linked to above even has a HUGE page of scavenger hunt ideas that it shares completely free to all visitors, along with downloadable scavenger hunt clues for children and adults … in case you don’t want the kids to have all the fun lol. Alternatively, you can search forums and activity sites for ideas, but either way, there are many ways to make a scavenger hunt amazingly fun, even when on a tight budget.


After an Easter Picnic …


After the picnic, the hunt can finally begin. If you do the traditions style, you will need to have hidden all of the eggs previously, in order to make sure they don’t see where you put them. However, for an easier option, gather some Easter scavenger hunt clues and place the items/creatures around the garden/town (you can also just place pictures or models, depending on what is in your garden). When these are setup, the kids must first solve the riddle in their team. Once they know the answer, they whisper it to you and race off to find the item. Once they find the item, they take a photo with them doing a funny pose (mobile photos are perfect) and run back to you to get the next clue and an egg. Then, finally after the last clue, the team to complete it first wins and will be the team with the most eggs (if nobody has ‘swapped’ any eggs). To make it last longer, give a prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, or even continue for all teams to complete the hunt in their own time, just give the 1st place team something bigger/better than the rest. For older children, a town Easter scavenger hunt can be an exciting day out, as they will literally have to race around the entire town, not just the back garden. All this will make Easter a fun day for everyone!



If you are unlucky and the weather is bad, you can also have indoor scavenger hunts. This is then done either online, or in the house. Online scavenger hunts are great, teams need to find the answer to Easter questions and photos of the answer for Easter clues. Although it is not as fun, it can be educational for those involved and they will still want to win the prizes. You can also hide Easter clues around the house and have an indoor Easter scavenger hunt, but you need to keep the numbers of players lower (unless you have a mansion of course). This is still exciting, especially for children. Even adults like it, as they know a ‘treasure’ is waiting at the end lol.



So now your have some ideas, go make Easter an adventure this year! I hope this has helped to get you started. If you try some of my suggestions, please let me know how they worked out for your Easter scavenger hunt, or themed day. Thanks for reading


To reduce costs even further, you could also expand the event with some pre-event craft activities. This not only helps to take up the day varied, but prolongs the anticipation of the main event, dramatically rising excitement levels for the hunt. Organizing an egg painting day with the kids that will be involved prior to the main event can be a wonderful start to the day. Just get everyone around in the morning and get them to decorate 5-10 beautiful eggs each (hard boiled please, you know what will happen if you don’t!! lol). This will be fun and keep them entertain for a couple of hours. You could even award small prizes to to the most inventive, beautiful, or colorful eggs.



While the eggs are drying, consider having an Easter picnic for everyone, especially as this will likely be around lunch time. If you tell the kids in advance, they can bring something each to the day, which means the food will surely be fun and random in nature. However, you could also include a simple cooking class at this point, where the participants can create there own exciting sandwich concoctions. Just be sure to set the rule that they eat what they create, as you will get some extreme sandwiches otherwise, most of which will be left after one bite! Pizzas are also another fun activity, but this does depend a lot on the amount of space you have for preparation and also on your cooking facilities. If you have nice neighbors, maybe a few would let you use their ovens for cooking, especially if their kids are a part of the party ;-).

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