Easter Scavenger Hunt for the Holidays?

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Easter is getting near, the kids are on holiday, and you are probably getting pestered with the dreaded phrase ‘I’m bored!’. Easter is a wonderful holiday, and can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, someone has to organise that fun. This is where our most recent find comes in really handy!



This site called “Photo Scavenger Hunts” is full of fun ideas, photo challenges, and even more traditional riddle scavenger hunt clues (where you solve one clue to find the next). If you haven’t organised a scavenger hunt, then these help:


Infographics about “How to Host a Scavenger Hunt”


On the home page you’ll find menus of clues for all times of the year, and many different places/activities. When you click one of the menu pictures, it takes you to the scavenger hunt clues page, where the event is explained in more detail and the clues can be downloaded. If you purchase a clue pack, then you will get an email with the download link included.


However, as Easter is only a couple of weeks away (or less, if you are reading this late), the you may want to jump straight to the Easter scavenger hunt clues page to download your pack today:



If you aren’t the creative type, then the Scavenger Hunt Ideas page will really cure any chance of your players being bored. I warn you now, it takes some reading as the page is huge. However, it is loaded with gameplay ideas and ways to increase competition! You also don’t have to stick with traditional approaches, such as hidding eggs. Best photos could win grand prizes, you could hide chocolate eggs, chocolates, or even toys etc … whatever your friends/family will enjoy the most.


Have a wonderful Easter, and if you organise a scavenger hunt, please let us know how you get on!

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